The Sex Poem

A Poem by Ruth Nineke


when your lips met mine I
was unable to deny the pleasure
of your request
the top swiftly pulled
above my head,
on their own
seem to have fled
as your desire and intent was clear:
to have me undressed
there’s nothing tender about hunger – truth.
without “food”
physical nourishment, soon
a body will be pained, no matter the mind
how well trained
through this want; my devouring yearn
I thought I suffered alone,
at once both
relieved and increased
at your touch
I found what it meant to burn
and know
that every sensation, torture
every lie, promise, and explanation
has its turn
mine was now
you are it,
this is familiar
this, I recognize
the feeling
the moment that it hits
up go my thighs
there goes my breath
my verbal sense sounds
rise out from my chest
as my nails slide through
your sweat until
I can’t hide, can’t pretend
nor disguise the joy dripping
from my eyes and here
am I laid
not a lady, not yours
and not concerned
open and nothing


copyright Ruth Nineke 2011



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