Until Tomorrow

You know what my favorite kind of night is?
The kind of night when time doesn’t matter
and you’re not rushing to get drunk because
you know you’ve got all night.

I like when you’re in a small space, with comfortable seating
and mood enhancing vibes, like a basement
cause even though it’s not your home
it’s a home, and in the back of your mind
you feel safe, and you’re with people who all know each other
and you like them all.

I like it when there’s no pressure
and I can drink or smoke and talk and laugh
with whomever I want
I like it when walking is so easy I could do it for a living
like on a catwalk or something until I stumble
– oops, but it’s still okay

I like when no one’s bored till damn near six
and I don’t get home till seven, and don’t sleep
till eight, and don’t realize I haven’t thought of you
since yesterday, until tomorrow.

© 2007

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