Win For Losing

A Poem by Ruth Nineke


Woman You Cannot Win

If you believe anything they say, you’re an idiot.
If you’re always there when they call, you’re easy.

If you tell them to fuck off, you’re over reacting.
If you remind them they’re beneath you, you’re angry.

If you say you care, you’re crowding them.
If you ask questions, you’re jealous.

If you keep your head down, you’re pathetic.
If you keep your eyes in front, you’ve got a bad attitude.

If you work too hard, you’re boring.
If you succeed, you’re an attention whore.

If you get power, you’re a bitch.
If you fall apart, you’re weak.

And no one cares. Why should they?
Who are they anyway? They don’t mean a thing.

Cut your heart out.

Deep fry it. Eat it and shit it out.
Because you’ll never need it again.

All it ever did was bring you pain.

(c) 2009


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