Poor Kendall Jenner; Skirting The Issue Is Hard. 

Girl. Please.

As previously stated I am not here for white girls of considerable privilege overcoming struggles, trivial or otherwise, which are directly linked to their privilege.

Case in point: Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial PR mishap.

Man, listen. Everybody knows I love all things Kardashian (though I will admit Kendall is my least fave in the bunch – tied with Rob, but at least he’s entertaining.)

I don’t have the same judgments and misgivings for the family that most people do. I don’t care if they wear door knockers, cornrows, or switch black lovers like accessories.

I genuinely believe they’re good people. I genuinely believe they’re open minded and open hearted people who do not maliciously intend to pillage black culture.

Still, their position of fortune has left them naive in instances where their proximity to “The Culture” should have found them more woke.

It’s not the 80s anymore.


One can not simply do a Pepsi commercial and expect it to demonstrate a stance of awareness and compassion, or positively impact national dialogue. The dialogue is much more nuanced today, much more rapid, and much more populated.

I think if Kendall wanted to promote a positive and aware position on police brutality, the murder of innocent black people, or the necessity of activism and peaceful protest she would have done much better to share a video of herself speaking her truth and taking a very clear stance – either on her app, or social media.

Her audience is enormous. The impact of that kind of statement, unpaid, would have had much less fall out than the Pepsi ad – had she seriously had any concern regarding these issues.

Previous episodes of the KUWTK have featured the young model voicing her feelings on gun violence. She was as articulate as she’s capable of being. She was passionate. She got her point across. Viewers, fans, her base of follower, her sphere of influence knew exactly what she thought and where her heart was on the matter.

The season 14 premiere of KUWTK showcased a piss poor attempt at spinning.

Kendall cries. Her sisters discuss her bad luck and possible damage control in a scene – which I can only hope was an ironic and unintentional faux pas – where they are receiving mud mask facials.

The whole thing came off as poor little rich girl, who accidentally got paid for a doing a socially tone deaf commercial. And what stunk most about it was that Kendall was completely unable to express any reasoning for doing the commercial in the first place, or any admission or comprehension of precisely where she went wrong, and how the ad was perceived by the collective.

Instead of taking a moment to acknowledge how off base the entire thing was, Kendall just cried and pouted her glossed, and maybe/maybe not filled lips, and said “like” and “you know what I mean” in turn with a truly vapid-eyed blank-staring older sister Kim.

And I write all of this as a decade long returning viewer of the show. I truly admire Kris Jenner and what she’s done for her family, but good dear lord baby Jesus in high heaven, did they miss the chance to clean up a real mess.

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