Poor Scott Disick

Except not really though. Except kind of.

I mean he did lose both his parents (ballpark) in the span of one year. Add to that Kourtney Kardashian keeps filling herself up on his sperm, yet offers him no security while she continues to emasculate him on national television. (If my boyfriend got pissed off at me every time I got pregnant I would probably just stop getting knocked up with his babies and find a new baby daddy…)

I think anyone who’s been around addicts or users or troubled party girls – so pretty much everyone in Bushwick – can relate to Kourtney’s concern with Scott’s drinking and depression. I feel like her frustration is real. And since her goal is to create a large family – presumably all with matching DNA – she wants to be sure Scott is up to task.


h2>But Kourtney Is Insensitive In Her Approach

The way Kourtney and Scott’s relationship plays out in the Kardashian Series it’s obvious both of them want smooth sailing. When things are good between them they’re great. But those times always look so short-lived. It’s almost like neither can completely trust the other. And they just keep circling in and out of the same patterns.

I don’t think either one of them wants it to work more than the other, but it does seem like Kourtney has the upper hand. This is obvious in the first two episodes of the season when Scott repeatedly says things like “You’re going to take something else from me.”


Ultimately Scott is afraid to lose his children

It’s not fair that he’s living in that genuine fear. They are all the family he has left, and Kourtney knows this. It’s like she’s manipulating that fact to try and morph Scott into the man she wants him to be. He’s already pumped three kids into her and it’s obviously not enough.

Scott’s desire to turn up seems more like a cry for attention, than the legitimate excuse of doing appearances. Kourtney shuts down almost every other activity he expresses interest in – from racing, to the work van, to the helicopter – citing safety and financial issues. She constantly reminds him that he’s a father but what she’s really saying is “Better don’t break my sperm bank, beyotch.”

On Sunday’s episode Scott goes to the ER after taking too many anti-anxiety/sleeping pills at the end of a long weekend of drinking. The episode ends with he and Kourtney discussing a possible trip to rehab, where she issues him the ultimatum that he either leaves the family for a month, or he leaves them forever.

I don’t think Scott Disick is an addict.

I think he’s a guy who lost his parents, whose girlfriend makes it painfully obvious that she loves his children more than she loves him, and that he’s only valuable to her as a sperm donor and a puppet. Scott probably just feels unappreciated by the one person on the planet he’s got left who should absolutely appreciate and love him for who he is. Instead, Kourtney is always either banishing him or punishing him, aggressively trying to mold him into someone else and fit him into the life she wants for them.

Who wouldn’t want to turn up if that was their circumstance?

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