Famous White Person’s White Daughter Lands Job After Overcoming Harrowing Ordeal of Insecurity, Low Self Esteem, and Superficial Questions of Her Place In A Superficial World



Starved For Love



Piers Morgan, Sit Down.



Good Girl/Bad Girl: The Struggle Is Real



Get The Fuck Out of My Personal Space.



Why You Mad @ Danielle Bregoli?



Why So Loathsome Lena Dunham? 



Dream Dec. 14



Breakthrough No. 1



Dream Nov. 7



le pingouin sauvage



Reminder: We’re All Going To Die



Seasonal Election Depression



Musings on Premeditated Loss



Death To All FuckBoys



Lol, Trump Supporters






Mob Wives The Last Stand



Lovesick and Lonely In Longing



The Polarizing Donald Trump



People Are Fucking Annoying And Useless And I Don’t Owe Them Anything



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