Last Night’s Episode: Revenge “Never Go To New Jersey On Business”

Last Night’s Episode: Grey’s Anatomy “How To Save A Life”

Last Night’s Episode: Grey’s Anatomy “Crazy Love”

Greys Anatomy: Feminism And Friendship

E! Network Should “Suspend” Giuliana Rancic Indefinitely And Without Pay

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 11 Mid-Season Thoughts

Chicago Fire: I Will Never Forgive You Matt Casey

The Value of A Hard Day Is In Your Effort To Overcome It.

Scandal Winter Premiere: You Dropped Something

Khloe & Scott Made KKTTH Worth Watching

Scandal Winter Finale “ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!”

Poor Scott Disick

Chicago, My Love.

Chicago PD: Don’t Eff With Voight’s Family

Xanax and Sushi on A Tuesday

Revenge Season 4 is Killin It. Almost.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 So Far

I’m Here For Mistresses Season 2

In Defense of Gwyneth Paltrow

In Defense of Uncle Terry

Revenge Is Back And Better Than Ever!

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