Post Originally Published: October 13th, 2014

Revenge Season 4 is Killin It. Almost.

I am always here for Emily Thorne. Always.

I knew the moment she hit that woman’s car in the season premiere that Emily was up to something. But I was with Nolan on that one – she didn’t need to do it.


The fact that Emily is living at Grayson Manner! The redecorating. Nolan’s hair. Everything about Ems and Nolan hanging out in Grayson Manner is a win in my book. Also enjoying Jack as a cop, and his commanding officer – whats-his-face from Mistresses. (I like that ABC swaps their eye candy in and out of the same shows.)

And even though she’s the enemy – Victoria’s escape from the nuthouse is a high because what is Emily’s life even if she has no Victoria to battle? David Clarke being alive, and yummy as fuck, grabbing Victoria outside the manner at the end of the season premiere was the ultimate high of the episode. I AM HERE FOR DAVIDE CLARKE.


I am not so much here for David Clarke’s pathetic, foolish, weakness to Victoria. My man is a slave to the pussy in the worst way. This broad let you go to prison, let the world believe you were a monster, paid off your orphaned daughter’s doctor to condition her to believe the same, and a whole slew of other atrocities I can’t remember and yet you carry the torch. Damn. Victoria must have that one true ill Halle Berry na-na.

Margaux’s hair is not a thing I like. But growing out a short cut is difficult so I’m not going to poke fun. I am really, really not here for Charlotte. I understand that she’s been through a lot more than most – except Jack honestly – but home girl really needs to get it together. I still don’t understand why she hated Emily so much last season, and I’ve seen every episode. I don’t know what Charlotte’s problem is but I’m not here for it. She either needs to be a drugged out and angry mess, whose emotionally unstable yet confident in her rage or she needs to sort herself the fuck out. You don’t try to kill Emily Thorne, fail, and then cry to mommy that you’re scared. Girl, own it. And figure out a real attack plan. Charlotte is weak. I’m over it.

Semi: I can get into Margaux and Daniel. I like seeing Daniel be honest, and vulnerable. I like it when he wants to be better than a shitty rich boy. I like that he cares what Margaux thinks, and I like how she can get that out of him directly, almost effortlessly. I enjoy Margaux as an ambitious, intelligent business woman. And I enjoy the peripheral not-quite, but almost-maybe-one-day friendship she and Nolan share.