Season 3 of Revenge has been so good!

On the winter finale of ABC’S Revenge everyone’s favorite scheming, stylish, and lethal vigilante got made by her mark of three years, and shot twice in the gut for it.Stop. From the moment Jack kissed Emily at the Stowaway, only to pull back and say he felt nothing for her and wanted her out of his life, to the introduction of Patrick, to Charlotte’s maturity and sophistication, AND AIDEN’S LOYAL RETURN I’ve been gobbling up every episode of the third season of Revenge!

Emily Thorne is my favorite determined, fearless, and ruthless television heroine. As someone who walks her intensely loyal talk, and forgives but never forgets I totally respect Emily and everything she does. “Get em!” I says to myself every week.

She’s a woman on a mission and nothing – not the judgments of, nor advice from her dearest – will deter her. I like seeing bad ass women who stick to their guns on TV.

The only thing that bothered me – aside from Margot (I’m possessive over Jack) – about the first half of this season was how everyone seemed to be turning on and hating Emily. I mean, I know that she’s technically the reason all their lives have been turned upside down. But it’s not like Charlotte or Daniel really knew that.


At what point did Daniel really stop loving Emily?

I mean he’s the one who went so hard to win her back last season. She’s the one who inspired him to clean up his act, stop drinking, and try to be more than the entitled, rich pretty boy heir of the Grayson family. Emily changed his life! And all it takes for him to throw in the towel is for her ex and his to show up in town at the same time? Weak sauce, D. Super weak.

I can understand Jack’s anger and bitterness. I mean, how many times can you lie to your best friend? Had Emily just come clean from the get-go he’d have never dated and married Amanda, much less had a child with her. Jack is just butt hurt because he’s loved Emily all along, and he allowed himself to believe the lie of Amanda because he was hooked on the fantasy all along. As a woman who romanticizes everything I know how Jack feels. But, we do it to ourselves when our hearts are this soft.

But now that Emily’s been shot TWICE in the gut and has supposedly lost her memory, a’la Goldie Hawn in Overboard, the writers have set up a prime scenario for everyone to sort of forgive her and be nice again. The question is has she really lost her memory or is she Emily Thorning us?

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