Post Originally Published: April 22nd, 2018


In the spirit of self improvement, I’d like to recommend a little morning ritual someone recently shared with me.

Because sharing is caring and paying it forward is a look.

S.A.V.E.R.S For Manifesting Good Days

SILENCE – self explanatory. Wake up, enjoy the silence. Take the time.

AFFIRMATION – Affirmations are positive sentiments you repeat to yourself to rewire all the false shit you believe that’s literally helping no one, least of all you. You say your affirmations to yourself and lodge them in nice and tight. They could be intentions for the day or bigger picture ideas of yourself you want to manifest everyday.

VISUALIZATION – Speaking of pictures. Visualize your day. Visualize your future. Visualize your purpose, your dreams, your whatever. Just put a good picture in your head and imprint it nice and sticky-like.

EXERCISE – Look, who has time to run a mile every morning? I live in paradise and still haven’t committed to running (there’s really no good reason for that.) But we can all fit in five minutes of stretches, or crunches, or jumping jacks. Plus, getting your blood moving when you first wake up is bound to give you some endorphin boost for the day ahead.

READ – After hyping yourself up – mentally and physically – keep your brain sharp with a few minutes of reading. A lot of people say they want to read more, but they can never find the time. Five minutes in the morning is the time to increase your brain’s elasticity.

SCRIBE – Write something. This is important for the writers who follow me, and message me about writing. So you like to write? So you want to write? But do you write every single day? Make the time. Take the first step, first thing. Even if you have no ambitions of being a writer, scribbling in a journal is healthy way to get in touch with yourself, your feelings, thoughts, desires, and concerns. We’re living in fast times. Catch up with yourself.

Starting your day with a little creativity can be empowering.

One way being creative early in the day can empower you is through the pride and joy of knowing you’ve tended to your passion. Your day is more than likely to unload some trying demands on your time, mental stability, and confidence – it’s the curse of modern life. You can maintain some equilibrium throughout the day in the knowledge that at the very least you have done your favorite thing.

And if you want to be a writer, writing first thing in the morning will dispel that familiar artist’s guilt of not having done the work.

Writing in the mornings can also empower you on the invisible, energetic plane of “mind-stuff.” So you’ve made your affirmations, and you’ve visualized the goodness you want in life, you’ve got your physical juice flowing, and your mind is awake from reading. Writing brings active manifestation to your new routine. You manifest your thoughts from you brain into the real world by putting them down.

Sure, this is a very simplistic example of doing magic, but it’s also very real and valid because you’ve brought something from the invisible into the physical.

Choose to believe in the magic of your existence.

Extrapolate your magic by bringing intention to all your activities; consciously training your brain and heart like the wonderful metaphysical muscles they are. Make the habit of affirming positive truths about yourself, using your imagination (visualization), feeling your life force (exercise), sharpening your awareness (reading), and manifesting your thoughts through writing.

Save Your Sanity.