Post Originally Published: November 21st, 2014

Scandal Winter Finale “ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!”

Scandal is fucking up my whole life.

Here’s what we learned on the Scandal winter finale: The Vice President is gully af and not to be trusted. Quinn really loves Huck, and Charlie REALLY loves Quinn. Cyrus and Olivia are BFF and Liv is loyal to her people regardless how out of pocket they behave. Olivia learned that she’s probably kind of fucked up emotionally (like, duh all of the gladiators are).

Most Intense/Terrifying Moment:
Rowan in the dining room.

To be clear, every moment with Rowan is terrifying. Rowan Pope reminds me of my mother, father, and maternal grandfather all in one, and it’s nothing pretty. Everything he says is fucked up. All of his actions are manipulative. He sees his progeny as property, and he never, ever, ever expresses genuine remorse.


Girl, Liv should not have pulled that trigger. She should have threatened to pull it. But she shouldn’t have shown her hand like that.

Rowan is always steps ahead of Liv and the boys. He knew she’d set him up to be taken. He knew she’d reach for the gun. Hell, he probably even knew she’d pull the trigger and only feigned those theatrics to further freak the shit out of his girl and the audience. There’s nothing Rowan doesn’t know – except maybe that Charlie is weak for that Quinn-nana. So it wouldn’t really surprise me if Rowan knows that Andrew and Elizabeth are teamed up on WACO and have Olivia.



Quin warning Charlie about Rowan’s kill list. Quin finding her kill card under Charlies phone and subsequently going Mr. & Mrs. Smith with him to the soundtrack of Lionel Richie and Diana Ross’ Endless Love. Mellie showing those teeth to Elizabeth when she revealed they’re both sleeping with Andrew and as such Are. Not. Friends. Olivia declaring “You can dance with me or you can get off my dance floor. I’m fine dancing alone,” after Jake says he loves her.


Poor David Rosen just found out his hot ginger ex boned a white-house insider who also happens to be an even bigger dork than he is. Sad face for you. I really want David and Abby to get back together, but it’s just not time yet. Their reunion brings nothing to the plot right now.

I can’t decide for sure whether Rowan will help the boys rescue Liv, or if he will somehow team up with Elizabeth and Andrew. I’m excited for Jake and Fitz to have to work together to get their girl back, and it should be interesting to see Mellie’s response to the situation. Smelly Mellie is gone and Cyrus has his confidence back so those two should be something fun later on in the season.