Post Originally Published: January 30th, 2015

Scandal Winter Premiere: You Dropped Something

(Me when I wake up every Monday, and have to reevaluate all my life decisions…^^)

After two long, and painfully boring months (save for a few episodes of KKTTH, and this week’s Mob Wives) I finally got my good television fix last night with the Greys Anatomy and Scandal Winter Premieres. Sometimes Scandal teeters a bit too close to the edge of being the black Alias – what with Olivia’s connected father, and criminal mother, the constant revelations of corruption within the highest levels of US government, etc. The only thing that really separates Olivia Pope and Sidney Bristow is that one was an actual CIA agent with the formal training to endure torture and pull off an escape from an elaborate kidnapping.

Olivia Tried It.

Despite my impatience and urgency to know what the hell happened to Olivia (and her hair!), I actually really appreciated how the episode played out. Last night’s Scandal Winter Premiere opened with a desperate and determined Olivia, brandishing a gun and running down a corridor toward freedom.

Flashback real quick and we’re returned to the night she went missing, those beautiful and ironic moments shared with Jake just before Olivia got snatched. All of that “I’m free,” “I’m fine dancing alone,” all of that blithe and deliberate denial of her reality replayed from different angles, her words repeated over and over. I loved it. I loved the side-by-side of her being pulled out the apartment door as Jake strides down the hall in his boxers. I loved Jake running down the stairs, out onto the street, and after the car – in his boxers. I love Jake Ballard in his boxers.

I especially loved that Olivia Pope’s bra is so expensive she has to rub it against a stone wall to rip out the wire, meanwhile my bras will give up the wire on their own in one spin cycle. I loved the dream sequence wherein Abby (as Olivia’s honest feminist subconscious) calls her out twice: first, on whether she really loves either Fitz or Jake, and second on the seriousness of her situation, reminding her that she has to take her freedom into her own hands.

“You Dropped Something”

I didn’t really get that line as it related to the bathroom sink because Olivia hadn’t actually ever touched the thing before her dream. She dropped her wine glass. She dropped her ring in her neighbor’s apartment – which I’m guessing will ultimately give the crew some hint as to what went down. But whatever. The dream helped her make moves and that’s what counts.

I knew Olivia would shoot 5 minutes man. I didn’t know she’d get him right between the eyes. And I definitely didn’t see the man in charge coming. Well played, Shonda. Well played. I was so worried last night’s episode would be a bunch of Fitz and Jake arguing about Liv’s cookies and both their inabilities to prevent something like this from happening. I was worried the comeback episode would have little Olivia, but lo, she was in nearly every frame.

I’m still not completely convinced Rowan wont play a role in her rescue. I think he’s too much of a megalomaniac not to find out, and offer assistance to the boys in exchange for something else… I mean, you know how he is.