Sex Acts And Emotional Problems

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Aloof and calculating overachiever Caitlyn Gregory is more interested in getting a promotion at her corporate Manhattan job than imagining marriage or cohabitation with her long-distance boyfriend. Caitlyn’s ego takes a numbing blow when she’s fired the day after David dumps her. Even though being jobless scares her, Caitlyn is too proud to follow her father’s advice and return to Boston. She desperately wants to be a self-directed woman and is determined to maintain her independence – even if it means isolating those who love her most. Caitlyn begins spending more time with her neighbor, Paula, a liberal and zany art student with wildly confident – if unrealistic – definitions of reality, and Paula’s charming and slightly disturbed creative associate, Michael. Intrigued by their uninhibited lifestyles and shared sense of self-determination Caitlyn sets out to create new opportunities for herself. Something has to give, and she doesn’t expect it will be her.

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