Post Originally Published: June 9th, 2017


You guys.

I am beyond.

I love Taylor like I love Kim K like I love Amber Rose. And to a lesser degree Blac Chyna. I love all these messy broads because I genuinely love ALL WOMEN WHO ARE GENUINELY LIVING THEIR TRUTH AF regardless how messy the fuck that truth is.

Taylor ODs. She’s like J.Lo and Kim K. that way. She loves love and she doesn’t give aF how terribly horribly that plays out. And I get that because what is life without loving?

You GUYS. Taylor is back on Spotify. And god. The playlist IS EVERYTHING.

Taylor Just Outsmarted TF out of Katy Perry

Ha! Damn. She didn’t even put out her album yet and she’s probably going to outplay EVERYONE on Spotify right now. Deff gonna out play her ex, Styles. And her ex Harris. And her nemesis, Perry. Because she put her playlist out in the middle of the night of Friday so when everyone gets to work tomorrow there is Taylor in the top spot where the New Music Friday usually is.




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