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Post Originally Published: January 15th, 2012


Explosives: The New "How Shit Gets Done"

Explosives: The New “How Shit Gets Done”

Let’s look over this week’s events:

The former Governor of Mississippi granted over 200 pardons before he left office. Rednecks are in an uproar. Okay, that was harsh…but they are. Because holding onto anger, grief, and you know “righteous indignation” is a much better way to live than exercising compassion, forgiveness, and release. Bury that horse in the ground. Come on, man.

The Marines who whipped their dicks out and pissed on the dead have been identified, charges are possible.

Hilary Clinton’s got long hair now. It’s cute how she’s femmed up since not winning the democratic nomination, and taking position as Sec. of State. Good for her, but she actually looks more like a lesbian now than she ever did before, so way to go listening to your image consultants. Whatever, because that’s besides the point. (Also, mean, right? Or just my honest opinion….)

Anyway, Clinton said in a press conference that the matter would be investigated and anyone involved would be held accountable. That’s nice. I like lip service. I really do. It feels good to my sense of denial, as I’m sure it does the rest of the country.

But let’s touch the subject matter a little deeper. We created a war for a myriad of debatable reasons. We recruited young people by the how-many-ever-thousands. The prevailing mantra of this country is “we’re right, us against them, we’re better.” These ideals are ingrained generations deep. But how much better are we really?

The kids aren’t very well educated. The wealthy who have good schooling, also have way too much entitlement to ever consider “serving” their country in any way that counts. They rarely join the military, and they’re not very keen on government spending on arts and education, or the creation of jobs. They’re not not very into helping, or serving anything or anyone but their own incomes and way of life.

And a hefty portion of the people who do serve in the military quickly succumb to group think. There is no class and honor to any branch of the US military. The last good fight was won in World War II; that was the last time these states knew Unity. And you’re telling my charges are possible? These guys pissed on the dead. I don’t care who the dead are, you don’t do that.

Part of being “better than” your enemies is actually exercising respect for them. (Shout out to all my ancient Warriors who knew a thing or two about Honor.) There is an art to war. The US is like a 3 yr old finger-painting war. This is what we’re hanging on the fridge of the World. God job! Charges had better be mandatory. Charges had better be imminent. I doubt it…. But they should be.

Also, a top Iranian scientist got car-bomed to his maker. That’s got to suck. A few weeks ago the US was talking trade sanctions or some other related bullshit; Iran is not allowed to explore nuclear science because we don’t like them. This is some straight up Sidney Sheldon Windmills of The Gods shit, and everyone needs to take a giant chill pill and sit down in a corner.

Is any of this stuff really worth it? I mean, how did the world get like this? Are any of us really removed from any of it? Can we be? Or did we actually manifest this insanity? And do we or don’t we perpetuate by ignorance and side-stepping?

I get a little incensed by the news sometimes. But then I remember an important lesson I learned while volunteering with special needs individuals in highschool. Getting mad at retards for doing retarded shit only makes you look and feel retarded.

I guess we’re all just a bunch of dumb humans.

Enjoy some Buddha quotes from

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal
with the intent of throwing it at someone else;
you are the one who gets burned.”

“I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act;
but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.”

“In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west;
people create distinctions out of their own minds
and then believe them to be true.”


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