The Kylie Jenner Crossing

How far is too far when you’re a reality star whose family has made most of their recent wealth based upon their beauty and willingness to showcase themselves? And why don’t beautiful women know they’re beautiful? Why would anyone want to look like a doll? Like a lifeless, voiceless, plastic plaything to be adorned, decorated, and positioned?



Kylie Jenner was born blessed. Both her parents were good-looking, successful people. She’s the last child of a large and seemingly close-knit family. There could be a chance she somehow felt forgotten in the past decade – but that’s speculation I’m not qualified to make.

What’s obvious right now is that Kylie Jenner is currently the most popular read: bankable member of her family, and the level of attention she’s getting – based largely on her altered appearance – is almost directly proportional to the distortion of her face.


AND FOR WHY? Kylie Jenner is/was beautiful.

She had a gorgeous base to start from. But she’s doing too much to herself, when she could do nothing to herself and still be famous and paid. And it’s scary sad to watch, especially and exactly because having other people witness her life is the basis of her career success. Youth truly is wasted on the young.

It’s no secret I love the Kardashians.

I think Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe are – for the most part – good examples of strong-willed independent women. I admire the matriarchy Kris Jenner established, which her daughters continue. And I respect their success and self-glorification precisely because they’re so polarizing. The Kardashians represent female confidence and drive in the face of outdated and exhausting societal norms. They do what they want and they don’t give a fuck if you think it’s trashy or terrific.

Kylie Jenner Though…

It’s hard to believe she’s doing what she wants, when she shows up to the VMAs looking like the white barbie version of her boyfriend’s baby moms. Kylie might have the best sense of style of anyone in her family (cultural appropriation aside, I will get to it though). And she might be the second-most fiscally together sibling, considering she bought her own mansion at seventeen years old. However, the one thing Kylie doesn’t seem to have, which her older sisters apparently possess in spades, is genuine self-confidence.

And that’s okay. None of us is 100% self-confident all of the time. Anyone who says they are is lying. Kylie has admitted to being insecure about her lips and has alluded to some deep, personal desire to be darker, if not actually wishing she was black. She’s already one of the least vocal cast members on KUWTK, and even when she does speak on camera there’s a sense she is swallowing her own voice.

kylie blackwish1

Kylie Jenner is bad-ass fashionista/kick-ass teen mogul. She is beyond fortunate to have the opportunity her fame affords her. But after seeing her photo shoot with Terry Richardson, for Galore Magazine, she seems to me a very misguided young woman with too much disposable income. (And it doesn’t help that she’s dating a loser. But that’s also for another post.)

The Thing About Plastic Surgery

I have trouble shading women who have plastic surgery because if I could afford a boob job I would definitely get one. And I don’t want to be the kettle, you know? I feel two things when I see a woman who’s had lots of work done: First, I feel compassion toward someone whose insecurities must have been so strong they drove her to an expensive, non health related surgical procedure. Here is a woman who felt invalidated and less than. And I feel for that woman because I know that feeling.

Secondly, I have respect for women who have extensive work done to their face and bodies and who strut their stuff and do their best to shine bright like diamonds, knowing full well that so many people are judging them. It seems like a snake eating its own tail though. Wanting validation, changing your body, and then knowing people are now more critical of you.

It’s hard being a woman. I was dressing once after morning fuck times, and the guy was laying in bed watching me, and I felt self-conscious, and I asked him “What?” and he replied ‘you look sexy,’ and I literally could not believe him. I just didn’t. My stomach will never be flat enough. Even at my thinnest, five years ago, I wasn’t pleased with my tummy. And I was skiiiinnny. I wear make up almost every single day – if I wake up in time to do it. And I love to do it. And I love to play around with different looks. But I hate to feel that I can’t go out without it. I hate to feel that I don’t look like myself without a painted face.

Being and feeling pretty,
wanting to be and feel pretty,
and believing that you are,
is a real struggle.

And that’s the danger of a superficial culture that glorifies beautiful women while objectifying them. But we can’t help it. Humans love beauty. Women know their power, even if they don’t always recognize their worth. And the trouble with the power of beauty is that it can sometimes render you powerless, a slave to other peoples attention and perception of you.

But Kylie Jenner is not a woman yet, no matter how old she tries to make herself look. She may be a successful business person, a model/designer, a wealthy and possibly intelligent “entertainer” but she is not a grown woman. She is still very much an impressionable young woman; one who continues to make strong impressions on mass quantities of other young women. Someone needs to tell baby girl she was born beautiful and that she needs to stop this mess now.

I mean you would’ve thought after everything that went on with Spencer and Heidi that a rich reality star from Calabasas would know a little better.


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