The Polarizing Donald Trump

Donald Trump is white and rich and brash and unapologetic, and when he says he wants to Make America Great again he means he wants to create a nation in his own image…

That’s exactly what his supporters hear and – alarmingly – they don’t mind at all. Donald Trump exemplifies the worst human traits: Vanity, Pride, Greed, Excess. His supporters look to him as if through a Presidency  his spray tan wealth will magically rub off onto the masses. What’s more likely is his transformation into an American Putin who successfully leads the United States into a new world war.

Donald Trump is entitled, rude, insecure, and unfit to run for public office.

He’s crass, and crude, and down right mean. And yet the media gives him more attention than a petulant man child deserves; people applaud and congratulate him. A true lover of God and Country wouldn’t even entertain the thought of allowing a clown like Donald Trump to run for public office.

A truly concerned citizen, a real patriot would respect the role of their nation’s public offices enough to only elect people of character with substance, people who have values. Just because Donald Trump is a character doesn’t mean he has character. The closest thing to substance Donald Trump possesses is whatever tangerine powder covers his face. And as far as values go, the only one I’d wager he’s ever been concerned with is the price of gold.


Donald Trump is the personification of White Privilege.

For starters, he’s a white male, born into wealth. He literally started at the top of the American White Privilege pyramid. Donald Trump isn’t a working class American. He doesn’t know or understand the sacrifices and struggles many older Americans have faced to feed, provide for, and educate the current generation of voters. And there’s not much chance he wishes too either.

Donald Trump is a Fat Cat.

Although he spews on about being the only candidate who can’t be bought by special interests, his interests and intentions with the Oval Office are likely no different from the Kochs’, or Chenneys’ of yesteryear. Trump only boasts that he isn’t bought because that’s what rich boys do: brag to one another about how rich they are in an elitist pissing contest that has less than zero to do with the realities of day-to-day-life in America.

When Donald Trump talks about jobs, or working hard, or making America great again he is not talking about the heritage and legacy of working class Americans who despite student loan debt, mortgages, and the rising cost of living are probably enjoying better lives than their grandparents and great grandparents did in the last century. When Donald Trump talks he either talks about how super awesome and better than everyone else he is, resorts to childish insults for his critics and detractors, or attempts to stoke the furnace of xenophobia (intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries).

Every thing Donald Trump does or says is because he wants to and he can, and his unchecked entitlement to unfiltered expressions is a shining example of White American Privilege. Most of what Donald Trump does is brag about himself and flex his figurative muscle for a no-nonsense approach to dealing with conflict and opposition – which is to destroy them. He sounds like a delusional child with a penchant for theatrics and it’s hard for me to see the appeal.

Still, Trump gets away with “exaggerating the truth” (otherwise known as lying), and petty name calling because he is a massively wealthy white man. The media feeds into Trump’s own hype of himself and his importance and relevance because he can pay for his platform. In other words they give him air time because he can buy it. Donald Trump has never been condemned or vilified for his outlandishly bad behavior like other idiotic or racist celebrities in the past, because he’s simply too rich to go away, too male to be shamed, and white to be wrong.

And that’s exactly why…

Closet Racist Whites Love Trump

People who want to vote for Trump are themselves more than likely bigoted closet racists. Trump’s outspoken style is their favorite thing about him. Finally, a politically incorrect politician who says whatever he thinks and does whatever he wants! Finally, a good old boy who’s not pandering to the middle. Finally a guy who’s not so wordy or sophisticated or intelligent as to come off overtly righteous or superior, except…

Donald Trump’s sense of righteous superiority is nearly suffocating.

Greed ruined America. Greed wont make it great again.

“Make America Great Again.” The implication here is that America somehow sank into the depths of failure and mediocrity by Obama’s doing. Trump’s campaign slogan forgets the mess was here before Obama, and was created largely by propaganda promoted wars for profit – not freedom. In addition to wars for profit and the accelerated growth of the American propaganda machine, cracks appeared in the facade of our capitalism with the collapse of the housing market and the myriad of business scandals in 2008.

Donald Trump has all the psychological trappings of psychotic totalitarian dictator.

Donald Trump doesn’t have one single altruistic intention toward the Presidency or the Nation. He’s only after the power to line his pockets and the pockets of the others in his narrow playing field. The Fat Cats are in permanent competition with one another, at the consistent expense of the American public. They toy with American perceptions, betting with American incomes and lives to foster only their greed for no reason other than they can. Fat Cats know trickle down economics don’t work, and the ring leaders of business – on the largest scale – view their employees as capital and commodities, not human beings.

People who want to vote for Trump a) don’t believe they have anything to lose by electing a racist bigot asshole to office and b) don’t want to waste their time thinking about how other people live, or struggle to live. Closet racists love Trump because they can be racist through him, without actually feeling racist. Trump’s righteous superiority and callous braggadocio suit them perfectly. Because Trump is a wealthy white business man it doesn’t matter what corners he cut to succeed, or whether or not he has compassion for anyone less fortunate than him, or empathy for people with different backgrounds.

Donald Trump is a Manchurian candidate.

He’s a serious candidate only to himself and his foolish supporters. But he’s also a threatening agent of disastrous change. Donald Trump isn’t running for President to do what’s best for his country. He’s running to fuel national division, by promoting an us-versus-them campaign. He exudes elitism and the kind of dangerous nationalism that exalts conformity, discredits critical thinking, and gives barely a passing glance to human compassion. Simply put: he’s no good.

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