Post Originally Published: April 26th, 2018

There Goes Kanye. Why Do You Care?

Kanye West Is Deeper Than You.

Is it possible the majority gets lost in the surface sauce and willfully misses the rest of the message?

Here something to consider: Kanye West is following his dreams, and living his best life according to his own inner navigation system. This is the part of the puzzle that most people can’t put together.

Kanye West is the most individual individual of our time.

He’s always true to himself and undeniably unafraid to be that way. Kanye West is relentlessly individual, even exhaustingly so. Whether or not you agree with or enjoy his antics, he continues to deliver his message and follow his own inspiration.

Kanye West is the real life Howard Roark.

We like to think that our celebrities owe us something. (They owe us nothing) We like to give them responsibility for inspiration and guidance by example, but ultimately they are basic humans just like us. They’re self-interested, they’re vain, they’re insecure.

Human though they may be, what separates superstars like Kanye from the proletariat is their unwavering obsessive focus on their own goals. Their hyper self-interest, their hyper self-determination takes them outside of the basic realm of existence.

And sure, John Legend and other friends of Ye may want him to think of his audience, consider his legacy, be more tactful of their experiences. But why should he mind his expression for the comprehension of others? Why should any of edit our natures for the sensitivity of others?

Is Kanye hurting anyone? Is he actively engaging in harm?

Or is he just doing his work as an artist and pushing the collective dialogue toward larger topics? Am I reaching? Is he reaching? Can you reach?

Maybe we take a moment to stop criticizing and lamenting Kanye’s crazy, and just inspect what drives us. Where do our motivations and fears lie? What is the most we can be and do in our individual lives? How can we break from groupthink? How can the individual manifest themselves to the max? How can you? How can I?

Who cares about a MAGA hat? (Was America ever actually great to begin with?)