Why I Deleted My Personal Facebook

(And Moved to Tumblr)

Tumblr has low-key been the wave for interested, interesting, clever, curious, and passionate internet users for maybe a decade now. It’s not new, but it can certainly feel that way with every search. Tumblr is a meeting of the minds of visionary romantics across the globe. And it’s so much less hate-filled than both Facebook and Twitter, almost as if by design.

What’s great about Tumblr is that if you want to start trouble you’ll immediately be read by the quick clicking majority. And this is not a blind, elitist, self-serving majority. This is an informed and inspired majority, culling the fat of ignorance one poignant and relevant reblog at a time.  Tumblr dashboards are so much more intriguing than Facebook newsfeeds because even if you never post, and you only follow five accounts which reflect your tastes you’re bound to scroll upon something entirely new and different to you. Where as on Facebook you’re only likely to see the same opinions from the same 10 friends (15 if you’re lucky) whose selfies and statuses you see every day, whose shares reflect the same exact affirmations over and over again.

Facebook’s ads and sponsored posts are perfect for businesses who need to reach a target audience with specific tastes that are never going anywhere. And the only possibly good thing about that is the benefit to start-up companies with stellar services that absolutely need to make the most of their marketing dollars. Other than that Facebook is a stagnant deathtrap for the mind. It is a boring, depressing, habitual activity which makes our worlds smaller and gives us all entirely too much access into the presentation of one another’s superficial lives, while lending very little substantial connection to our humanity.

Facebook is the basic bitch of the internet.

It’s thirsty. It wants all your attention but it gives you literally nothing in return. Any validation through comments and likes is a short-lived supplement for human interaction and acceptance. And the verbal diarhea slinging matches that go on in comments (I am so guilty of this) are a horrible indulgence, appealling to one of our lowest sensibilities: the intrigue of conflict. I’m bored with people I “know irl” mentioning Facebook activity to me and either purposefully missing the point and failing to engage in meaningful discourse, or just deliberately taking the piss out of me.

Facebook is like a cardboard doll house with 2D drawings of additional furnishings on each piece. It’s fake. It’s pomp and circumstance. Meanwhile, Tumblr is like going outside to play. It’s climbing a tree, or bouncing a red rubber ball, or rolling down a grassy hill and standing up dizzy.

Tumblr is what the world wide web always dreamt it could be: a constant refreshing of beauty and brilliance.

As a creative individual with intentions of connecting positively with others, Tumblr is my new virtual favorite place to be. I’m definitely tardy to the party, but since it seems like a never-ending fiesta I’m just happy I even made it at all.

Post Originally Published: August 27th, 2015

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