Would You Forgive Tristan Thompson?

Assuming you don’t live under a rock you’ve probably heard by now that Khloe Kardashian gave birth to her long, long, long awaited baby girl.

And you’ve probably also heard that just days before she went into labor the tabloids broke allegations that her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, had stepped out on her on multiple occasions.

Visual evidence at the the height of this technological renaissance can be so damning.

But maybe not.

Over the weekend, multiple media outlets reported that Khloe is too overjoyed with the birth of her baby to be mad at its fidelity-challenged father. The source says Khloe believes nothing more than kissing happened. The picture being painted is that Khloe is standing by her man – which she’s known to do.


Admirable or Foolish?

Part of me thinks Khloe is just being proud.

Another part of me thinks she really loves Tristan, and that she values family. I think she wants to make a family of her own and keep it together because she’s a romantic and idealist. It’s not like she’s surrounded by shining examples of complete, unbroken homes. But I believe she has a fantasy and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to manifest that, even (especially) if it means looking past her partners’ transgressions.

I think it is admirable – to be able to love people despite their flaws and mistakes, to be willing to work through the pain and the past, to focus on the present joy, to put your all into a better future. I think it’s admirable to believe love can overcome anything.

Once A Cheater?

Tristan left his first baby mother to be with Khloe. His lack of respect for the Goddess status of motherhood, his inability to exalt and revere the divine female in her prime is apparent. But all hippy bullshit aside, is this guy even capable of being faithful to one woman?

But imagine what it’s like to be Khloe: You’re one of the wealthiest women in the country. You’re realizing one of your life’s biggest dreams when you’re publicly humiliated by your lover… Where do you go from here? You knew what he was when you found him.

Do you have any other choice but to accept it and move on?

Forgiveness and Acceptance vs. Self Respect

If you’ve read this site even fairly often you know I grapple with forgiveness. What does it mean to forgive? What is unforgivable? What are the limits? Are these limits determined on an individual/personal basis?

How much forgiveness and understanding must we extend to others? Is every circumstance different? Does being a good a person with a good heart mean you’re always forgiving?

Is your strength of character and heart measured by how much emotional turmoil you can endure and recover from? how does forgiveness relate to the dissolution of the ego? Is self-respect, and the pride that prevents forgiveness, an illusion of the ego?

If you give loyalty, but never get loyalty back, are you supposed to stay loyal? For how long? When is the right time to stop being selfless? Are any of us actually selfless?

If Khloe stays with and marries Tristan it will be because she believes he belongs in her future, and that he can live up to the sacred vows. If they stick out – even if they never marry – it would truly be a union based on faith, having overcome the ultimate betrayal.

I think Khloe will stay with Tristan. She has a track record of enduring pain for love. She loves deeply, and I find that admirable.

I think Khloe’s strong. I think she can look past random hook-ups, toward the future of birthday parties, teaching her daughter to ride a bike, and building beautiful memories with the father of her child, because ultimately she knows what matters most to her in life.

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