You Don’t Have To Be A Loser

There is the sad pathetic loser whose pain, appearance, projection, and rejection are not lost on him or anyone else. Yet he continues to suffer, even prolongs his own agony because the familiarity of his situation is the easiest comfort he can steadily provide himself. Given the opportunity for identity-shattering personal growth versus a character slump whose moldy corners are well-memorized, most of us losers will more often choose the latter. Comfort has a terrible tendency to fascilitate only blindness and unless we continuously seek out and experience the circumstances which push the borders of our comfort zones most losers will remain inside of, or fall even further into, their cruelly imagined existence of nothingness. A loser is only a winner who’s foreited his power. But he doesn’t have to be. And that surrender – when he relinquishes ability and control to reshape himself, his destiny, and his world – is what makes a loser sad and pathetic in the most abhorrent fashion.

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