R U T H  N I N E K E

Author. Aquarius. Provocateur. Romantic.

An Introduction to HATI-HATI

Hati-Hati translates to “Be Careful” or “Caution” in Indonesian.

HATI-HATI by Ruth Nineke is a collection of poems, dreams, photography, and personal essays reflecting on the author’s love addiction, romanticism and sexuality.

Bunny is always telling me to ‘be care’ of some man or other. Because she thinks that I’m the opposite of cautious when I fall in love.

It’s true and it’s not.

It’s true that I fall in love too quickly. But I also don’t really fall in love with everybody. 

Just because I can see the best potential in a man, and choose only to view him that way doesn’t mean I’m in love with him.

It just means I have good vision and I want the best for the people I put inside my pussy.

Alas, sometimes I do fall in love.

Always on accident.

I’m still willing to go through difficult experiences that can teach me acceptance, and hopefully, a kind of pure and stoic happiness, an immovable joy at simply being alive to participate in this human cycle of trials and triumphs.

And what better method of learning acceptance than becoming involved with men who reflect my most complex insecurities back at me, and trigger my deepest fears.

I don’t believe I’m looking for a life partner, but maybe I am. Maybe, despite my best efforts to skate coolly and logically above messy emotional entanglements, I am still human after all; just another woman who needs love and affection. Perhaps, we all need somebody to love.

Perhaps that is our collective soul purpose.

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