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Sex Acts And Emotional Problems

“Wanna smoke?”

Caitlyn shut her eyes and sank in the chair. She rested her head against its top.

“I wish. I’ve got a presentation first thing Monday morning, and I’m still at the beginning.”

“How much more are you possibly gonna get done tonight?” Paula pressed.

“I don’t know,” Caitlyn shrugged.  “I take it you haven’t been raped yet?”

Paula rolled her eyes.

“No,” she replied.

“That’s good,” Caitlyn teased.

“He keeps asking me to ‘just come to the crib and chill.’ He’s all like how his mom brings food to the house and how ‘she’s a bangin’ good cook.’ I don’t know exactly which part of that is supposed to soak my thong.”

“Definitely the bangin’ part,” Caitlyn reasoned.

“Right,” Paula rolled her eyes again. “He’s cute and everything. He’s got a nice car, and I know he has money. But what am I, sixteen? I’m sure his apartment is just as dope as he claims, and I bet his mom is a regular Emeril Lagasse, or whatever.

“But no way am I going to this guy’s house to blow him for drugs.”

“Aw, Paula,” Sam joked. “He probably just wants some adult company to talk with him about adult stuff.”

“I fucking bet,” Paula remarked. “To him ‘adult stuff’ probably means filming a porno on his phone and blowing lines off my ass cheeks.”

“God,” Sam shook her head. “You’re so vulgar.”

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