Don’t You Dare

hard pass, on those overdone,

and intentionally disarming white lies,

clever, tried and true, only to you

quite familiar those repetitive lines

about how different you are from other guys

When all you’re doing is bragging,

looking for a spotlight

crying and clamoring,

showboating your feather display

in search of hot tight bedmate to be weak bait

for your insatiable ego’s battered heart

Skip the part

where you tell us again

what a catch you are,

and how badly

your carefully curated fan club

longs to take turns on your fuck stick,

because the whole look at me gag is

unattractive old hat and

you’re spreading it just a bit too thick

I’ll pass on your set-ups,

your two minute shower and quick

change clothes and don’t go

no where

as you look for an escape date to crash

an intimate soiree just so you can

humiliate whoever’s naïve, young

and unassuming enough

to entertain and tolerate your

slanted advances,

shadowy glances, and yesteryear

club kid dances

Hati-Hati translates to “Be Careful” or “Caution” in Indonesian.

HATI-HATI by Ruth Nineke is a collection
of love poems, dreams, photography, and personal essays reflecting on the author’s love addiction, romanticism and sexuality.

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