Glories & Gods

There were symbols strewn 
across my terrain, 
memory tokens, 
historic reminders 
and pop culture references,
as hints of places 
for me to find her remains.

In bed with a friend 
who was never a lover, 
characterized as all of the men 
who didn’t know then 
how to hunt for a treasure, 
how to absorb its pleasure 
and return 
what they’d learned, 
but one can not comprehend
what they have yet to discover

The rights we stake claim to:
freedom, joy, and truth
as though our packaged needs 
entitle us to a combo meal 
of someone else’s suffering, 
as though 
all of our lives and experience 
were a game we played, 
the stories exchanged 
and secrets explained, 
red rubber balls 
bouncing down 
the vacant playgrounds 
of our youth

The sun grew brighter 
in the dawn 
of the morning after 
when I told my brother how 
I felt in the attic 
of the first house 
and I didn’t care 
whether or not he understood 
what I’d said,
for just the night before 
I’d gotten cleansed, 
dipped deep in a steaming pool
between my current home 
and the future’s 
garden apartments

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