How She Behaves

How She Behaves

And She behaves as though she is

the first person to ever chase a cloud,

or fall in love

with the sight of a palm tree

against a rich blue sky,

as though the newness of

everyday things was exclusive and unique

only to her.

As though their beauty and enduring thrill

were not visible to anyone else

as though it was her duty to show them.

That is how she behaves,

bubbling and brimming,


with an urge to capture

and release

every single

magical thing

she believes

will lead

to another wonderfully enchanted

momentary reminder of the light.

A little bit busy, and self-important,

a little bit desperate and naive,

a little bit in love all of the time

with color and with rhyme.

And she really, truly,

absolutely, simply

can not

help herself.


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