There are things

I haven’t told you

and not because

I can’t say them

but because it’s clear

there are things that

you don’t want to know,

and aren’t fit to hear


This energy is tumultuous

to say the least

and order won’t prevail

if I get any closer than this

I’ll surely shiver to death

from the cold

after enduring

yet another nauseous spell


on my own

You’ve obviously never

been burnt

never suffered

the agony of a love

that hurts,

never watched your words

and the entire world

get turnt

upside down

and hurled against you

You don’t know how

far you wouldn’t go

because you’ve never felt

the sharp betrayal

of blunt denial,

the scorching torture

in your soul

of reaching

for your ultimate goal

and then being told

you were never enough

It’s all very fantastic

and your humor

can afford

to be cavalier

for all your intellect

and grand mystic vision

the truth you think

you seek

is the very exact thing

you absolutely


to get near

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