That’s Not All

That's Not All

Thank you for the enduring

complex of comparison,

my near-inescapable fear

that whatever bonds I ever make

will eventually be taken from me,

that someone else will shine brighter

and warmer and magnetize my beloved

because your absence and distraction

had taught me that I was never enough.

But wait, that’s not all

Where and why does this need in me exist

to feed myself

on the dependency to sustain an obsession?

What is my fix

that I desire so to be your remedy?

For you to glue your soul to mine

for the rest of time?

Why do I want to be your everything

in this life?

Through all the troubles and the pain,

my back against your palms,

and your burdens on my shoulders remain

It’s called Loyalty

and it has only

ever always

meant the world to me.


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