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Way to clear a room

Sex Acts And Emotional Problems

“Hold still,” Michael ordered.

He dropped his head and pulled the drug off Caitlyn skin, licking the last line from above her wrist. When he was finished Michael lifted his face to hers. His cool, pillowed lips pressed against Caitlyn’s mouth in gentle seduction as he deposited undissolved remnants of powder behind her bottom lip with his tongue.

Before she could react Michael clamped both hands on either side of her face. He tapped the corners of her mouth with his thumb and slid his tongue over Caitlyn’s.

It was the slowest motion he’d used since she had walked into the room.

Caitlyn inhaled deeply, clutching Michael’s arms as he pushed his face hard onto hers. She swallowed, surprised at the intensity of her near immediate arousal. The pressure of Michael’s fingertips on the back of her neck, the delicate urgency with which he nibbled her top lip, and slid his tongue along its edge, solicited a low moan from deep within her throat.

“Jesus!” Paula called from the door.

Startled, Caitlyn abruptly broke the kiss.

Michael appeared to be blushing – as much as he could for his pale intoxication. A wickedly proud smile decorated his face.

“Way to clear a room you guys,” Paula said.

Caitlyn looked around the room.

The breakfast tray had been abandoned. The bed was empty. She hadn’t noticed the absence of voices. She hadn’t noticed anything aside from Michael’s tongue.

He motioned with his eyes to the American Spirit still barely burning in her right hand.

“Can I have that?”

“Sure,” Caitlyn held the cigarette to his lips.

Michael wrapped his fingers around her wrist, pressing his thumb into her palm as he inhaled.

 “I can’t believe you two,” Paula sat on the floor next to Caitlyn. “Out of my sight not ten minutes and you start making people uncomfortable.”

Michael chuckled, satisfied with himself and Paula’s account.

“You wanna do some blow?” he asked Caitlyn.

“Are you actually gonna let me this time?”

Michael smiled and took another drag from the cigarette. He continued to massage her palm with his thumb as he exhaled.

“Sure,” he answered slyly.

Michael released Caitlyn’s hand, and opened the second vial. He tapped out a medium-sized bump onto his wrist.

“Come and get it.”

Caitlyn looked at Paula.

“Give me that,” she reached for the Spirit.

With one swift inhale Caitlyn sniffed the bump from Michael’s hand.

Paula passed the cigarette to Michael before blowing a few lines off the breakfast tray and sliding it toward Caitlyn.

She finished the remaining lines and threw her back head, squeezing her nostrils and sniffling heavily. A quick sting up her nostril released the numbing drip at the back of her throat. Tension at the base of her neck she hadn’t noticed before began to ease.

That was just what she needed.

Michael stood. He climbed over his bed to the other side of the room.

“So um,” Paula called to him, grinning at Caitlyn as she spoke. “What did I just walk in on?”

“I was welcoming your girl to the event,” Michael replied.

He turned around holding two square bottles with black labels, and crossed the front of the bed. Michael sat on its edge, facing the girls. He raised both bottles and his eyebrows.

“Whiskey?” he asked.

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